HOUSE OF 40: A Candle Line You Need to Know About!

Hi A-Listers! It's been a bit of a stretch (to say the least), since I have blogged. Not to worry, I'm back!

I have to admit, I was easily drawn back in for one reason. To Share. This is an important time for entrepreneurs. For me personally, I find it to be very rewarding. I have a circle of "Go To" friends for almost all of my needs! How lucky am I?

So let's get back to sharing. One of my framily (friends that became family) Kim Fung-Richberg, has just released her new candle line. Selfishly, I am elated for personal reasons. I love candles. I was lucky enough to view the behind the scenes action blow by blow to see the creation of a HOUSE OF 40 candle.


Each scent has a unique message behind it.

Need direction on how to deal with stressful individuals?


Finally able to let go of stress from a single person or situation?


Feel like spreading some of the happiness you are feeling?


Have some major milestones or changes ahead?

Try Transition 

Inside House of 40:

In 2012 Kim was inspired to create her very own candle brand.  While dividing her time between parenting her 2 sons, fascination with fragrances, traveling, supporting her clients, she decided to rebuild the brand and really work for herself in her 40th year. 

2017 The House of 40 was re-born from a much clearer vision, more passionately created to add love, light, smell goods, and a great vibe to any space.

So head over to