Friday Find: Let's talk Dry Shampoo

So it's ironic that it's called Shampoo- I get the logic behind it. A perfect solution when you are in between washes- whether at home or the salon. 

If you're not careful you could be walking around looking like you got knocked upside the head with a sock full of baby powder.

The A- List Tip: Spray your brush or comb with the dry shampoo, then lightly tap it (like you would a blush brush). 

Brush or comb through. No white and Grease Be Gone!

There are a ton of dry shampoos on the market. If you're contemplating which to choose, do one of these 2 things (or both),

Try a travel size. Try a drugstore brand.

A few of my favorites linked below:

Amika - This smell is a love or hate type of thing. 

Batiste - Light and refreshing.

The most important thing is to use sparingly. While these dry shampoos are quick fixes, they are meant to be just that. Think about it- anything in reference to your hair with the word "Dry" would typically not be a good thing...

Limited product is always the safest way to go in this case. Less is More and Indirect is Best.

-- Starr